Traveling with Allergies

Holiday travel season is coming up soon, and if you have allergies or asthma, you know all too well that traveling isn’t always a joyful adventure. Sleeping in a hotel room full of allergens can quickly turn a fun trip into an itchy, sneezy, uncomfortable endurance test. Fortunately some hotel chains now offer “allergy-friendly” accommodations, and this infographic from Sylvane shows the highest rated hypoallergenic hotels and cities across the country. It also provides tips on what to look out for when traveling to minimize your risk of an allergy attack.

Saving Money on Airport Parking in the UK

Airport parking is an aspect of holiday booking which is often overlooked initially and then booked at the last minute. In this infographic from Skypark Secure UK Airport Parking however, take a look at how booking airport parking in advance can save you money.

Low Cost Airline Baggage Fees Dissected (UK Version)

Low cost airlines are frequently in the headlines, and quite often for reasons related to confusing fees and unseen costs. To help make it all clearer, went through the costs related to checked in baggage and the fees for excess weight from various airlines in Europe and put it all together in an infographic. Whether in Europe or not, there are some additional tips on packing baggage for low cost airlines that can apply to anyone.

Planes, Trains and Automobiles: Busting the Biggest Travel Myths

We’ve all heard ’em: “Don’t lose your hotel room key card…all of your personal information is on there…” and “Everybody knows hotels give newlyweds free upgrades…” and even “Didn’t you know you can get stuck to the airplane toilet seat?! I had a friend of a friend of a friend…” But really, is there ANY hard evidence to support these claims?

Temecula Valley Wineries: Facts & Figures

There is no shortage of great wine tourists destinations in California and for good reason. An often overlooked destination is Temecula Valley, located conveniently close to San Diego and Los Angeles too. The local wineries are always offering some interesting wine lineups ready to be tasted at their wine tasting rooms.

How To Travel Like a President

With less than a month to go before America heads to the polls, we keep thinking about the candidates hitting the road. In the past four months, President Obama’s campaign travel expenses have totaled a cool $3 million, which may have factored into his decision to skip this year’s summer vacation.

Weird & Wonderful Festivals

As well as ensuring you get the best deals on your holiday destinations, Latedeals are also in-the-know when it comes to all things travel and fun related.While everybody has been getting excited about the first Glastonbury ticket sale for next year’s festival, it got us thinking about festivals across the world as well as at home, so we thought we’d do a bit of research just in case any of you fancy a different festival experience next year.To see what we’ve come up with, have a look at our infographic by Latedeals for some more amazing festival facts, and inspiration.

RVing in America

RVing is getting more and more popular as a recreational sport. For example did you know there are over 30 million RV enthusiasts nationwide? Don’t know the difference between a Class A and Class C RV? How about a Tear Drop or 5th wheel? Or where to find the top RV parks in America? How about the world’s most expensive recreation vehicle, can you guess the price?

British Colombia

Heli skiing down mountains, horse riding through a desert and whale watching on an island all in the same province? No, this isn’t the latest Bond movie, this is Canada’s eclectic, ever-friendly breath of fresh air, British Columbia. In the following infographic by My Destination, local experts have collected the most fascinating information they could find and decorated it across a BC-inspired landscape.