Women in Travel: How to Protect Yourself When Traveling for Work

Unknown to most that don’t fly for work, the endeavor itself is also full of annoyances and dangers which are extremely hard to mitigate, mainly because they are unforeseeable and require high-level of planning. This is especially true for female travelers, which even in these days of technology, are still perceived as more vulnerable to various health and environmental hazards. But thanks to years of expertise by some of the most seasoned business traveling experts, there are now ways for women to ensure their safety when traveling abroad.

20 Ways To Pass Your Superfluous Time at the Airport

When traveling, one of the worst things that can happen after you have made it through the security and had your bags checked-in is to find out that your flight is delayed. You may begin to feel helpless and even find yourself bored to death. Here is an infographic that features 20 things to do at the airport helping you kill time successfully.

Top Ways in Which Traveling Helps You

Are you preparing to take a vacation in the near future? Traveling has many benefits that you might not have thought of. In the following infographic, the folks at Traveldecorum look at some of the top ways in which travelling helps you.

UK Holidays Unveiled

This infographic from Complete Holiday Homes takes a look at United Kingdom holidaymakers, including where they like to go and what they do with their time abroad.

Top Travel Destinations for Couples 50+

If you are a couple in your 50s and wish to embark on a journey of a lifetime, Travel Department has created an infographic just for you. Here they list their top 4 holiday destinations for couples and also include vital tourist information that you need to know about these places as well as some of the top attractions.

The 2019 – 2020 Guide to Vacation Rental Marketing

Vacation rental marketing has become just as important as preparing your rental properties themselves. Keen to make your vacation rental stand out and attract more eyes of Airbnb travelers? This infographic will give you a brief overview of the innovative 4P’s vacation rental marketing strategy.

The Definitive Guide to African Safaris

Whether it’s your first time or if you’re a seasoned traveler, planning an African Safari Holiday can be a daunting task, mostly due to the wide variety of options available. This handy infographic from African Safari Home gives you a quick guide reviewing the Top 6 countries to visit, when to go and what animals and activities you can expect on your stay.

How to Avoid Bringing Home Bed Bugs While Traveling

While traveling and staying in hotels, bringing home additional travelers is a real concern. All it takes to bring bed bugs back to your home from traveling is having bed bugs come in contact with your clothes or luggage. In this infographic, the folks at Natural State Pest Control outline some easy tips to avoid bringing back bed bugs while traveling.

10 Travel Safety Tips Every Executive Should Know

Traveling for business is an effective tool to expand your market reach as well as forge formidable relationships with your business partners around the globe. However, to ensure the success of your trip, you need to plan it thoroughly. Business traveling is not always an easy task, as you will face some health and safety issues while on the road.