Get on Board! Luxury Cruises in Numbers

This infographic looks at cruises and cruise ships in numbers and includes facts about the size of ships, how powerful they are and how many passengers they carry. It also shows how much food and drink is consumed on cruises, plus how much they cost to build.

How the World Vacations

Summer is right around the corner, and that means summer vacation for kids and adults. Have you made your travel plans yet? If not, Travelex might have some ideas for you. They put together this infographic on how the world spends their vacations; how many people travel, where they go, how they get there and for how long.

Staycations vs. Cheap Holidays Abroad

Thomas Cook can reveal that not only are holidaymakers benefiting from cheap holidays and better weather abroad than in the UK, but a better Euro rate means that travelers get 10 per cent more for their money in comparison to Staycations. This fun infographic reveals what the top three best value destinations are and how all inclusive holidays overseas are still the cheapest options for families looking to get away.

Find the Best Airline For You

In addition to airfare, U.S. airlines continue to increase fees on other items. However, there are no standards or regulations when it comes to airline fees so travelers don’t know what to expect. Cost comparison is extremely difficult because prices range widely by airline and there is little transparency on the terms of each fee.

How Travel is Good for Your Health

Vacations offer lots of healthy benefits. They help us recharge, reinvigorate and refresh. They strengthen ties to family and friends. They build connections to other cultures and people. So the next time you decide to trade that week at the beach for meetings, appointments, email, and deadlines, you might want to consider the health benefits vacations offer via the infographic below.

Orlando’s International Drive Resort Area

The International Drive Resort Area is a great place for a family to vacation while visiting Orlando, full of great hotels, condo resorts, attractions, shopping and fabulous restaurants. One of the great perks to staying on International Drive is the I-Ride Trolley. This infographic highlights some of the best places to eat, shop, stay and play while riding the I-Ride Trolley route.

Amazing Aquariums by CityPASS

The oceans of the world are teeming with life, and there’s no better way to get a glimpse of it all than by going to an aquarium. With hundreds of thousands of animals spread across thousands of different species, aquariums are a great way to learn more about aquatic life.

Why You Should Take A Holiday

Eleven percent of people in the UK have taken fewer holidays recently due to fears about their work and the economic situation. But not taking a break can take a toll on your health, piling on stress and tension with little relief. The following infographic from breaks down how people are getting away, and why they should do it more often.