How the Brits Spend Holidays

With the average Brit only enjoying a mere 28 days holidays a year, working out where to spend those precious hours has become a national obsession. As this fun infographic shows, it is still a case of Viva Espana for most of the UK’s holidaymakers, while our near neighbors, and historic rivals, France is ranked number two in terms of must-go destinations. And with spring already proving a scorcher on these shores, it may come as no surprise to see the third most popular destination is good old Blighty itself.

5 Endangered Places to Visit Before They Disappear

From the impressive snow caps of Mount Kilimanjaro to the romantic city of Venice, these are places under threat from changes in the environment. So to tie in with the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting which is currently being held in Davos, we have produced this exciting infographic which identifies our top 5 holiday destinations to visit before they’re gone.

Why the Airlines Are Bankrupt

How is it possible that America’s largest airlines are losing money? American Airlines filed for bankruptcy in November, joining the 20 other airlines that have filed for Chapter 11 protection in the last 10 years. Why are airlines hemorrhaging money? This infographic will explore this question.

The Real Cost of Sleeping in Hotels

CreditDonkey has put together this cute infographic that explores the real cost of staying in a hotel room. Things can add up very quickly. Additionally some tips on utilizing travel awards are presented.

Jet Lag Demystified

Did you know that flying westward causes less jet lag than flying eastward? In this Infographic from learn why jet lag can occur and tips on how to avoid the symptoms.