Anatomy of a Drug Cartel

Here is a video infographic entitled “The Anatomy of a Drug Cartel” which is both educational and raises awareness about current global issues (war on drugs & drug addiction). It is actually more of an animated short-film but I found it quite interesting and as such, thought I’d share it here.

The War on Drug Communities

We have been fighting a War on Drugs since 1971, but what do we have to show for it? Millions of addicts, and to support them, there are millions of people who farm, produce, and distribute the drugs they use. We often don’t think of these poor families because they are not here in the United States – they are in other parts of the war.

The Effect of Drugs on Pregnancy

This video infographic highlights the shocking and sad statistics regarding the amount of drug-related pregnancies occurring in the U.S. The video also shows how using each illegal drug can harm an unborn child, putting them at risk for developing health defects that may follow them around throughout their entire lives.