Guantanamo Bay has been at the center of controversy around the world, with many questioning its purpose. Guantanamo Bay has been active since shortly after the 9/11 terrorist attacks to house terrorists and those suspected of aiding terrorist. Most of the controversy around Guantanamo revolves around the financial burden to the US, as well as the questionable interrogation tactics utilized at the camp.

The controversy is not only in favor of closing Guantanamo, as many around the world see value in housing the terrorists at the camp. Some fear them being released and continuing to participate in terrorist attacks, while others question the safety of the American public if the terrorists are held on US soil.

The CWSL Trial Advocacy created this infographic to help educate the general public on both sides of the issue so they can fully understand the controversy at hand.

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Closing Guantanamo Bay

David Wallace

David Wallace

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