Facebook, Google, Apple – three big name companies you have all heard of and know well. But there are a few “shady” things about these companies you may not know. For example you may not know that they send a portion of their profits overseas rather than being taxed in the US.

This scheme has been nicknamed Double Irish. Collectively these companies have saved about $8 billion in recent years. If that $8 billion dollars had been put to use here at home it could have provided immunizations through age six for 6.5 million children, or it could have funded the salary of 200,00 elementary school teachers, the list of things the money could have been used for is endless.

Learn more about these “shady shamrock shenanigans in the following infographic by VisualEconomics.

[Click here for full size version]

Double Irish Deception: How Google-Apple-Facebook Avoid Paying Taxes

David Wallace

David Wallace

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