Embed Code Generator

Tired of trying to incorporate an embed code for your infographics that actually works? Worry no more! Simply download our free “Embed Code Generator” plug-in for WordPress, install and activate and you will have the capability of adding an “Embed This” code to posts that contain infographics or any other graphical content you wish to allow people to share.

People will either use or link to your graphical content such as infographics whether you want them to or not. By providing an embed code, you have more control over where inbound links point back to as well as what anchor text is used in the alt and title attributes of the graphic itself. With our Embed Code Generator, you even have the option of controlling the display size of your graphic and can add a “Courtesy of” link back to the site of your choosing.

So what are you waiting for? Download the Embed Code Generator today and start taking control over how others link to your graphical content.

Screenshot of Embed Code Generator in post editor:

Embed Code Generator Screenshot