The infrastructure behind Google’s algorithm is massive and complex, but it’s not magic. Google began as a project that had the simple aim of making all library books more searchable. But the founders of Google soon realized that their logic could be extended to arrange all of the worlds information.

This infographic visually explains how the algorithm has evolved towards fully understanding both what we’re typing and the intent behind our questions. While we’ve all experienced the increased precision of Google’s search algorithm ‘s few know the behind that precision. No one knows the exact recipe but, digital marketers, particularly SEO’s, have a good sense of the driving forces behind Google’s algorithm.

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How Google Works: A Visual Explanation of the Algorithm's Evolution

Irma Wallace

Irma Wallace

Co-founder and Vice President of SearchRank, responsible for many of the day to day operations of the company. She is also founder of The Arizona Builders’ Zone, a construction / home improvement portal.

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