Have you ever pedaled to work? I do daily and I can tell you that I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Sure, sometimes I miss my car, but I don’t miss the traffic or filling up my gas tank. I traded a 25 mile commute by car for a 5 mile commute by bike.

Curious to how many people actually commute by bike in your area? The folks at BikeGuard created the following infographic which looks at the 731,268 people who commute on bikes across America and breaks down statistics by state. Here are some state from my state, Washington :

  • Washington has 27,880 bicycle commuters
  • That is the 8th highest state
  • 71.4% are male and 28.6% are female
  • Washington allocates $3.51 per cyclist

How Many People in Your State Commute by Bike?
Click image to open interactive version (via BikeGuard).

Here are some key statics by state:

  • Highest percentage of bicycle commuters: Washington, D.C.,  at 3.13 percent
  • Lowest percentage of commuters: Arkansas, at .06 percent.
  • More men than women commuted to work by bike. 74 percent of bike commuters nationally are male, in contrast to a tiny 26 percent who are female.
  • Highest amount of funding per capita for bike projects:  Alaska, at $18.79.
  • Lowest funding amount: Maryland, at $.45 per person.

To see your state’s bicycle commuting statistics CLICK HERE to view the visualization.


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