What do you imagine a one million dollar home would look like? A huge, lavish mansion? In most areas you’d be right. But in the celebrity home capital of the world, Beverly Hills, California, you’d be dead wrong. Real estate currently runs at over $1,600 per square foot meaning your million wouldn’t be going very far. In fact, a million dollar home in Beverly Hills comes in at just over 600 square feet. That’s tiny!  How much is that size home worth in other markets around the United States? Not much, as it turns out. That same house would run you only $780,676.61 in the famously expensive town of Aspen, Colorado and 307,915.00 in our nation’s capital!

HomeAdvisor has made all of these incredible comparisons for us in the following video infographic along with visual chart below.

[Click here for full size version]

How Much a One Million Dollar Beverly Hills Home is Worth in 30 Other Markets

David Wallace

David Wallace

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