Health and safety are becoming an increasing focus point in modern society as science and technology allows us to understand how certain things affect us. Shooting is no exception and we need to be aware of how shooting a gun can affect our health, more specifically our hearing.

Noise levels are ever increasing in modern life, due to traffic, television, appliances and even just people around us. Being exposed to noise levels above 85 decibels can cause damage to our hearing. However, gunshots are generally measured to be above 140 decibels!

This infographic shows how noise from gunshots compare to other noises and how to protect your hearing when shooting a gun.

How Shooting Affects Your Hearing

David Wallace

David Wallace

David Wallace is a search & social media marketer who lives in Ahwatukee Arizona with his lovely wife. Interests & hobbies include all things Disney, roller coasters, musicianship and Christianity.

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