Purchasing the right house is not easy. New construction or pre-owned house? Condo, co-op, or duplex? Open floor plan or distinct and formal rooms? These are only a few of the many questions that can come to mind, sometimes the despite best efforts, a home buyer can end up with the wrong house.

While there are tons of articles on the web that explain what to do to buy the right residential property, only a few discuss the most common pitfalls that a potential home buyer must avoid.

One of such mistakes is not hiring a professional engineer to inspect the house and determine whether it is worth the investment or not. A professional engineer with expertise in structural design can provide extensive insight to the buyer before they sign the deal. Without their expert advice, the chance of buying the wrong house is much higher.

To learn more about what professional engineers can find out in a “wrong house” check out this tongue-in-cheek infographic by Tauscher Cronacher.

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How to Buy Wrong House

David Wallace

David Wallace

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