There are hundreds of thousands of documented cases of compulsive gambling in the world. The widespread issue is considered to be a disease, which causes people to get as addicted to gambling as they can be to other malicious substances such as LSD or Cocaine. As such, and as with any other disease, it is known that people who are thought to be compulsive gamblers go through various stages that indicate how addicted they are.

Many compulsive gamblers share the same similarities when it comes to the way their illness manifests. As research suggests, most compulsive gamblers undergo five different stages of their addiction, which each of these stages being progressively worse than the last. However, the stages tend to manifest differently depending on the traits of each individual.

Learn all about how to tell if someone is a compulsive gambler in this infographic by Casino Wizard.

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How to Tell if Someone is a Compulsive Gambler

Irma Wallace

Irma Wallace

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