Looking for a new place to buy is thrilling, especially in a new neighborhood. The excitement fuels up as you imagine the life you’ll build in your new home, not to mention the decorations and interior design projects you plan to have, even if what you’re looking at for now are mere floor plans.

These scale drawings show the connection between rooms, spaces, and physical features, as seen from above, allowing you to see how people can move around the area. Before the elaborate planning and building stages, home and condo floor plans make it easier to inspect whether a size fits its intended purpose.

Despite how complex it looks, understanding what’s drawn and written on floor plans is possible. To do this, you must know the basic definitions of those intricate symbols and the key points to identify them. You can use the following visual guide courtesy of Federal Land to help you understand floor plans better, helping you bring your dream home a little closer to reality.

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David Wallace

David Wallace

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