With its unpleasant scent and less-than unattractive physique, most people don’t even think about give their poop a second glance. The general rule when it comes to poop is to do it quickly, flush immediately amnd then get out of there! However, the next time you’re in the toilet taking a number 2, take a look before you flush. Believe it or not, your poop can divulge little secrets about your overall health.

Check out the following infographic so that you can learn more about your poop and what to look for before you flush.

[Click image for full size version]

How Well Do You Know Your Shit?

David Wallace

David Wallace

David Wallace is a search & social media marketer who lives in Ahwatukee Arizona with his lovely wife. Interests & hobbies include all things Disney, roller coasters, musicianship and Christianity.

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