If you’re a dog owner, you’ll be more than used to picking up your dog’s poop – it’s not a particularly pleasant job, but something we all have to do most days. But did you know your dog’s poop could be revealing important information about their overall health and happiness?

The size, smell, consistency, shape, frequency and colour of your dog’s poops can all point to a healthy digestive system or a potential problem, helping you figure out what’s wrong with your pup and get them timely and appropriate treatment.

But how do you know what to look out for? This new infographic from gut-friendly pet food specialist Scrumbles shows you what the perfect poop should look like.

[Click image for full size version]

In Search of the Perfect Poop

Irma Wallace

Irma Wallace

Co-founder and Vice President of SearchRank, responsible for many of the day to day operations of the company. She is also founder of The Arizona Builders’ Zone, a construction / home improvement portal.

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