Obesity is one the rise in the US with nearly 38% of individuals classified as obese and nearly another 1/3 of US adults classified as overweight. If the current growth rate of obesity continues, obesity will reach as much as 45% in 2025, and 50% in 2030. Not only is obesity on the rise, but childhood obesity is growing as well. This is causing many experts to find a solution frantically.

Although the precisely known cause of obesity is still uncertain, there are many solutions to obesity including surgery, pharmacology, diet, and lifestyle choices. But one solution, obesity surgery, such as laparoscopic gastric sleeve surgery, is a proven solution with high expected outcomes for patients. Obesity surgery is only performed by only 1% of all the eligible patients per year, meaning there are tens of millions of individuals qualified for obesity surgery right now. Learn more about one of the fastest growing options in the following infographic.

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Is Obesity Growing Too Fast in the United States?

David Wallace

David Wallace

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