New Yorkers are faced with infinite struggles in their daily life including higher taxes, congestion, transportation delays, $5 cups of coffee, and so much more.  But the one thing they have over any other city in the world is a safe, (usually) reliable, 24/7 means of public transportation – the subway.

The subway system runs to and from all five boroughs (Staten Island has its own railway) all day, every day, including holidays.  While it may seem like a standard and uninteresting means of getting around, there’s a certain aura about riding the subway that really makes you feel like a New Yorker.  One of the most exciting features of the subway is that people from all walks of life are riders – from those living in poverty in gentrifying areas of Brooklyn and Queens, to affluent Upper East Side bankers and Mayor Bloomberg himself.  Kids ride the trains to school, elders to visit their families, and 20-somethings use them to bar hop around the city.

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NYC Subway Riders Faced With Fare Hike.

David Wallace

David Wallace

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