COVID-19 – Check out the latest infographics related to COVID-19 & the Cornovirus.

Covid-19 Email Marketing US Consumer Sentiment Survey

emailexpert recently ran a US consumer sentiment surveys around the general feeling towards email marketing in the current Covid-19 climate. “Do you feel brands have sent you too many Coronavirus/Covid-19 related emails?” was the questions posed .

Will Coronavirus Break the Internet

Peak usage is now the norm, but can our Internet handle this surge? ComputerScienceZone explains how to stay smoothly connected under the pandemic. Are you using the Internet wisely?

How To Practice Social Distancing Without Feeling Isolated

Around half of American adults feel lonely some or all of the time. How are you keeping busy under quarantine? In this infographic, EduRef explains the best ways to practice social distancing without feeling isolated.

Healthy Eating Under Quarantine

Did you know that 40% of food is wasted every year? Are you choosing your food wisely? In the following infographic, BodyNutrition explains how you can practice healthy eating habits under quarantine.

Remote Work in the Coronavirus Economy

Thanks to the rapid spread of COVID-19 people have started working remotely out of necessity, as more states order shelter-in-place protocols to fight the spread.

The Google Panda Update, One Year Later

One year ago today, Google launched its “Panda Update” which was designed to filter low quality or “thin” content from its top search results. The following infographic published by Search Engine Land covers how Panda works, what it impacted and the various updates from Panda 1.0 through Panda 3.2 that have happened along the way.

What Moves Us: Public & Private Transport in the U.K.

The roads, railways, and bus routes that criss-cross the UK serve as lifelines for industry, commerce, and everyday life. So how is everyone getting around? This infographic from breaks down the buts and bolts of public and private transport in the UK today.

The Impact of High Oil Prices

Black gold – Texas tea. Whatever you call it, crude oil is a sought-after resource that drives the world economy. In this infographic from Fuel Freedom, discover how oil prices affect the U.S. economy and who’s hurting the most.

Just How Big Is Twitter In 2012?

Did you know that Twitter now has around half a billion registered profiles, with over 100 million in the USA alone? This as well as other interesting statistics on this micro-blogging giant in this infographic.

Step-By-Step Guide to Social Media Success

This infographic from Simply Business takes you step-by-step through social media strategy development. The original post includes an interactive version of the infographic which includes additional resources for further reading from some of the best minds in the industry. No matter where you are at in your social media efforts, follow this guide to reach social media success.

How To Fix Website Crawl Errors

Removing crawl errors and enhancing the crawl-ability of website, makes it easy for the robots to index and eventually resulting in better ranking. This infographic from SearchEnabler highlights the steps that are involved while search engines crawls a website and provides remedies to fix any crawl errors.

Dream On: The Importance of Sleep

Good ol’ sleep – there are those who love it too much and those who think it a hindrance to productivity. This infographic from Frugal Dad showcases some studies on just how dangerous—and costly—sacrificing sleep can be, and concludes with some facts on how you can try and improve your sleep quality if it’s something you struggle with.

Small Business: When It’s Time To Go Big Or Go Home

Small businesses are truly the backbone of our nation, and with over 27 million to date it is important that we know how our business needs to evolve in order to survive. Warman Capital’s new infographic is full of information on when to sell, when to expand, and when to move on when it comes to your small business.

How to Identify a Small Business Owner

Let’s face it – small business owners are pretty busy people, but what’s really going on in there heads? Here’s a quick snapshot of the small business owner as well as some statistics on how much small business owners work in infographic-style.