COVID-19 – Check out the latest infographics related to COVID-19 & the Cornovirus.

Covid-19 Email Marketing US Consumer Sentiment Survey

emailexpert recently ran a US consumer sentiment surveys around the general feeling towards email marketing in the current Covid-19 climate. “Do you feel brands have sent you too many Coronavirus/Covid-19 related emails?” was the questions posed .

Will Coronavirus Break the Internet

Peak usage is now the norm, but can our Internet handle this surge? ComputerScienceZone explains how to stay smoothly connected under the pandemic. Are you using the Internet wisely?

How To Practice Social Distancing Without Feeling Isolated

Around half of American adults feel lonely some or all of the time. How are you keeping busy under quarantine? In this infographic, EduRef explains the best ways to practice social distancing without feeling isolated.

Healthy Eating Under Quarantine

Did you know that 40% of food is wasted every year? Are you choosing your food wisely? In the following infographic, BodyNutrition explains how you can practice healthy eating habits under quarantine.

Remote Work in the Coronavirus Economy

Thanks to the rapid spread of COVID-19 people have started working remotely out of necessity, as more states order shelter-in-place protocols to fight the spread.

The Wild Wild Web: Wrestling with Online Privacy

On January 24th, 2012, Google announced changes to its privacy policy, combining over 70 policies into one universal policy across all of its properties and products. The following infographic helps explain some of the biggest issues in web safety and gives tips on how to keep yourself protected, from passwords to privacy policies.

Timeline for Best Baby Gifts

You may not be sure what kind of toys a baby should have and it’s very likely that you heard conflicting advice that runs from one extreme to another. This infographic provides ideas for some creative gifts that you can pass to a baby of different ages – from a newborn baby to 3 months, 6 months and even when the baby reaches one year old.

What’s In Your Trash?

Americans generated more than 250 tons of garbage in 2010, and as much as 90% of waste can bypass the landfill through recycling and waste incineration. This infographic from Bolt Insurance covers some helpful information and will help you to visualize and retain this important information about what is in your trash.

No Flu For You! 6 Ways To Avoid Getting Sick

Have you been sick with the flu lately? How about a common cold of irritating cough? Did you know that you can significantly lessen your chances of getting sick by following 6 easy steps? This infographic published by Take Part will show you how.

The Day the Internet Stood Still

The SOPA Blackout turned out to be one of the largest protests in history which had the effect of stalling two of the most terrifying censorship bill to ever pass through the United States Congress. This infographic from Frugal Dad recounts that momentous day for social media users in tweets, emails and calls.

The World’s Most Famous Funerals

North Korea has recently bid farewell to the Beloved Leader Kim Jong Il in a ceremony that was attended by over two million people in Pyongyang. This infographic from looks at how it measures up to some of the more fondly remembered figures of the past century.

Are Pets Good For Your Health?

Love, companionship and sloppy wet kisses are just a few of the reasons people own pets.In fact, a whopping 62% of American households own at least one kind of pet, be that a dog, cat, bird or something else. In this infographic, for which I’m not sure who originally created it, you will learn more about the connection between our health and owning pets.

The Changing Role of the CIO

This infographic from Wikibon explores the varying and changing roles of the Chief Information Officer. The prominence of the CIO position has risen greatly as information technology has become an increasingly important aspect of the modern organization.

Baby Benefits: Is Your Company Offering Enough Maternity Leave?

Despite the long history of fighting for workers’ rights in this country and the cultural buzz around “family values,” the U.S. actually offers some of the weakest paid family leave benefits in the world. Though some individual states offer employees guaranteed paid family leave, a majority of new parents in the American workforce do not have many options for taking a leave.This infographic published by Mindflash explores the research on paid family leave and its importance to the workforce.

What It Will Cost You To Go To Superbowl XLVI?

In this infographic, SeatGeek, a data-driven sports and concert ticket search engine, takes a deeper look at the all-in cost of attending this week’s Super Bowl XLVI in Indianapolis. Unless you have deep deep pockets, you might want to watch the game from the comfort of your own home.