What Are The Best Lenses for Studio Photography?

How to choose right lenses for studio portraits photography? Working with the right lenses will ensure amazing photos, help you promote your portrait photography business.

The Giants of Digital Society

Amazon, Apple, Google, and Microsoft are tech giants and monopolizers of the new economy. All the basic functions for the existence of the digital man depend on the services provided by these companies.

Tips for Online Networking

Here is an infographic that includes some niche platforms for networking, the dos and don’ts of virtual etiquette, and what job seekers could be doing to better their odds in this virtual environment.

Face Mask Report Card

Many are getting creative with the face masks they create or purchase during these times, but are they all effective? The following infographic details some of the different types of face masks you’re likely to come across. 

Should You Back Up Microsoft Office 365 Data?

Microsoft Office 365 is a revolutionary service from Microsoft designed to unify various business processes for smooth and efficient operations. But don’t forget about safety, compliance and control of your data.

How Your Tax Dollars Are Educating America

How Your Tax Dollars Are Educating America

Out of all the revenue Uncle Sam pulls in each year, 4.8% of those precious tax dollars go toward education. But how, exactly, is that chunk of change used? The following infographic published by H&R Block breaks down the budgets and make sense of the dollars in the American education system.

15 Grammar Goofs That Make You Look Silly

Engaging online writing is informal, conversational, and fun, but certain goofy mistakes just make you look silly… and not in a good way.This infographic published at Copyblogger and designed by BlueGlass looks at 15 of the most egregious grammar goofs.

Top 10 Internet IPOs Over the Last 10 Years

Many like myself are anxiously waiting to see how Facebook’s IPO will go once it is public. But what about some of the other Internet-based companies and their IPOs? How well did they fare and more importantly, how are they doing today? This infographic takes a look at the top 10 Internet IPOs over the last 10 years.

Website Testing: Move Beyond the Landing Page

Smart marketers understand the value of testing. In a relatively short period of time, website testing has evolved from changing the color of a “submit” button on one web page, to building intricate, multi-page testing campaigns with the ultimate goal of delivering an engaging online experience to customers.

Reduce Daily Workload and Grow Business Profits by Hiring a Virtual Assistant

Overwhelmed with owning your own business? Not a business owner but still burdened with too much work? Did you know that you can reduce your daily workload by 50% and grow your business profits in just 3 months if you hire a virtual assistant? This infographic from HireYourVirtualAssistant.com will show you how.

Legal Weed’s Top 10 Greatest Hits

The Internet has been having a lot of fun with weed over the last year, and WeedMaps hopes to contribute with their new infographic. The Top 10 Greatest “Hits” explores different strains and uses of medicinal marijuana.

Beware of These Internet Related Illnesses

Using the Internet daily has become almost unavoidable these days. However having the Internet at your fingertips at all times might not always be a positive thing. According to a recently published study in General Hospital Psychiatry, excessive use of the Internet can cause Internet Addiction Disorder, or IAD, which can lead to anxiety and depression.

I Need to Get a WHAT!?

Colorectal cancer is one of the most commonly diagnosed cancers in the United States. According to a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, removing precancerous growths found during a colonoscopy can cut the risk of dying from colon cancer in half. Less than half of adults over the age of 50 have been screened, mainly because they are afraid of the test.

The Scenic Route to a Longer Life

There are certain widely accepted paths to good health and a longer life. But if quitting smoking, eating a balanced diet, and maintaining a healthy weight aren’t your thing, what’s an aspiring centenarian to do?The following infographic from Confused.com provides some additional options to help maintain a long life.

Raw Milk vs. Pasteurized Milk

In support of the raw milk community and the education of dairy consumers, Natural News has published an infographic about organic raw (fresh) milk versus conventional (pasteurized) milk. This infographic reveals the crucial differences between the nutritional properties, animal compassion and health implications of raw milk versus pasteurized milk.