Software Development Cycle

In the following infographic, discover the cycle of custom software development that a company like Develux can offer, where each stage represents a thorough performance and responsible attitude to developing a product.

Understanding the Different Levels of Automation

AI is becoming more advanced each coming year, as  robotics are improving and factories around the world are becoming increasingly more integrated. The following infographic looks at the different levels of automation in more detail.

Best Gambling Movies of All Time

You know what the gambling movie thrill is all about? The risk. Whenever there’s a casino involved in a story, you either win big or lose big. Any gambling movie hero has a pretty clear goal to face. 

Personal Statement vs. Statement of Purpose

Here is an infographic from EssayEdge essay editor that shows the difference between a Personal Statement Essay and Statement of Purpose Essay for college admissions.

Havoc in Your Datacenter?

Heat is the number 1 cause of equipment failure in your datacenter. Equipment failure due to excessive heat is expensive and preventable, also the associated interruptions of service cost companies millions of dollars annually in lost revenue.


How Many Calories Do I Need To Burn

We all know our favorite pizza or that extra bag of crisps isn’t healthy but do you know just how unhealthy they are? Did you know you’ll need to spend more time on a treadmill to burn off a Big Mac Meal that you would an entire Christmas dinner with all the trimmings?

Ahead in the Cloud: The Cloud Usage Index

In this Infographic, CSC commissioned a survey of IT decision makers in eight countries to find out the motivations behind their move to cloud computing systems and its effects on their businesses. The data they gathered is all neatly packed into this infographic.

Carland: A Century of Automobiles in America

This Infographic patterned after the popular “Candy Land” board game provides information of the history of the automobile as well as highways, accidents and other motor related information in the United States.

Help Bailout Santa & Earn the Chance To Win a iPad2

All of us no doubt have been impacted by the global financial crisis. While banks, automakers and even insurance companies have been handed government bailouts, what about Santa? Enjoy this Infographic and check out the bottom for how you can help bailout Santa and earn a chance to win a free iPad2.

The Commerce of Christmas

In this informative Infographic, discover when people shop for the holidays, where they spend their money, and perhaps most importantly of all, where on the globe is the world’s most expensive Christmas tree?

So You Want To be a Rockstar?

This infographic by Band Promo provides interesting information for those who are considering becoming a rock star including who is typically the best musician, top rocking cities, the cause of death for musician by percentage and more.

Anatomy of the Perfect Website

This Infographic examines the primary components of a good website design including the design itself, navigation, usability, content and so much more.

The Things You Do (With Your Phone)

This infographic is derived from a survey conducted by GSMA Rina asking people how they use their cellphones. It also breaks down cellphone use by country, age and gender.

How Social Media Is Playing a Role in College Education

This Infographic by provides information on social media use amongst professors in the United States, showing the percentage of college professors using social media, which tools they use, and how they use social media to connect with students regarding their curriculum.

1 in 3 Children in America Are Overweight

Unless you’ve been living in a cave, you no doubt have recognized that childrens’ health in America is a growing problem, largely due to poor diet and changing play habits. This Infographic looks at some of the trends thatre placing our children at risk.