How Long Can I Keep Certain Foods in the Fridge or Freezer?

With prices steadily rising, many are seeking tips to reduce everyday expenses. For example, how can one make groceries last longer, or how long you can freeze food, or even how long you can keep leftovers in the fridge.

The Future of Google Analytics 4

Google recently announced that the current version of Google Analytics will stop processing data in the second half of 2023, with the user interface shutting down in 2024. Users will have to move over to Google Analytics 4.

Inflation’s Impact on Gas and Car Insurance

We’ve all seen a dramatic rise of the price of gas at the pump. What steps are drivers doing to try to deal with the additional costs of inflation on gas and car insurance?

How to Overcome Unlimited Screen Time

We all know that unlimited screen time isn’t a good idea, but why do we do it anyway? Reclaim your brain: learn more about the dangers of unlimited screen time and how it’s become even more prevalent in children during the pandemic.

Metaverse – A New Buzzword in Town

Metaverse has been gaining popularity worldwide as a term, but what is a “metaverse” and how does it work? It is essentially a virtual world where human avatars are shown through technology to look real.

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Living in a Mobile World

Smartphone use is growing at a rapid pace, which is providing new opportunities for marketers to connect with target audiences, create user experiences, and ultimately build a base of loyal customers. Used properly, mobile has the power to transform your relationship with customers, and more importantly, their relationship with your brand. By following the guidelines in this infographic and implementing initiatives that strive to offer engagement at every possible avenue, companies can successfully gain traction in the mobile world we now live in.

Drug Abuse and Your Body: Exposed

Drugs, whether prescribed, over-the-counter or illegal, impact every organ in the body. In this easy to read infographic, the impact of the most commonly abused drugs on the body’s organs and its systems is demonstrated.

SPK The Power of Face-to-Face Communication

Face-to-face discussions are the foundation of human communication, and once established it allows us to build trust, clearly articulate our ideas and minimize misunderstanding. However, for many of us, face-to-face is a growing rarity, replaced by text messaging, Skype, e-mails, and social media.

2012 The Year of Integration

While 2011 may have been the “Year of Mobile,” we will go further next year. Consumers are expanding their uses of social media to more devices and incorporating it into daily tasks, and we, as marketers must follow. That is why 2012 needs to be, and will be, the “Year of Integration.”

The Best and Worst of 2011

SodaHead, an opinion-based site, has come out with an infographic that lists the best and worst reality shows of 2011, based on polling results.What do you think? Do you agree with the results?

The Twelve Steps of Recovery

This infographic provides you a quick overview of the purpose behind each step in a twelve step recovery program and the goal of working the steps. The 12 Steps have become the corner stone of recovery for the majority of those who are able to maintain sobriety over the span of years.

Interxion Cloud Survey 2011

Cloud is a hot topic for many of today’s business and technology leaders. But for all the hype, how many companies are actually using cloud computing technology, or have definite plans to do so in the near future? Interxion conducted a Europe-wide survey of current and intended cloud usage and attitudes towards cloud computing that explores all these questions and has compiled the results in this infographic.

Predicting Panda: What Is Google Panda & How Does It Work?

The term “Panda” in relation to Google is a search algorithm update released by Google on April 11, 2011 designed to filter search engine results so that only high-quality results reach the top positions. The changes to the algorithm are based on surveys taken to determine desirable and undesirable page characteristics and continues to be updated frequently, meaning that end-user quality needs to be maintained.

Listener Driven Radio (LDR) Presents 2011 Year In Review

As we kick off 2012, a new innovator in the media industry, Listener Driven Radio (LDR), shares some highlights from 2011. LDR is reinventing radio by giving listeners control of their favorite radio stations through the web. Listeners to stations using the LDR platform can vote and control which songs play in real time, sign up for alerts when their favorite songs play, and share their favorite songs on Facebook.

The High Cost of Smoking

This infographic published provides some eye-opening facts on the high cost of smoking and the ill effects on one’s health.