3 Canadian Cities Among World’s Most Livable in 2022

The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) has released its annual assessment of the world’s most livable cities, and Canada was the standout winner, with three of its cities making the top 10 list.

How Long Can I Keep Certain Foods in the Fridge or Freezer?

With prices steadily rising, many are seeking tips to reduce everyday expenses. For example, how can one make groceries last longer, or how long you can freeze food, or even how long you can keep leftovers in the fridge.

The Future of Google Analytics 4

Google recently announced that the current version of Google Analytics will stop processing data in the second half of 2023, with the user interface shutting down in 2024. Users will have to move over to Google Analytics 4.

Inflation’s Impact on Gas and Car Insurance

We’ve all seen a dramatic rise of the price of gas at the pump. What steps are drivers doing to try to deal with the additional costs of inflation on gas and car insurance?

How to Overcome Unlimited Screen Time

We all know that unlimited screen time isn’t a good idea, but why do we do it anyway? Reclaim your brain: learn more about the dangers of unlimited screen time and how it’s become even more prevalent in children during the pandemic.

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Have a Safe Online Shopping Experience

This Infographic helps educate online shoppers as to what makes a site secure and advises them of certain things to look for when shopping (or browsing for comparisons) on smaller, lesser known sites.

Cyber Crime: Online Holiday Shoppers Beware

Did you know that consumers will lose more than $10 million this holiday season due to cyber crime? Discover how in this Infographic from F-Secure called “Online Shoppers Beware: What’s Lurking in Your Online Holiday Gift Purchase?”.

2011 Ipswitch Holiday Shopping Poll Results Revealed

WhatsUp Gold’s most recent survey of some of its 100,000 customers asked how long employees are spending shopping online leading up to the holidays. Shopping online is becoming the de facto route of choice for many during the festive season – comScore, a leader in measuring the digital world, earlier reported that holiday season spending thus far has topped $15 billion in the US alone, marking a 15% increase over last year.

The 10 Biggest Entrepreneurs of 2011

This infographic by Business MBA looks into ten entrepreneurs who made Inc’s 2011 list of the 30 biggest entrepreneurs under the age of 30. Though many focus on technology, the young professionals have created businesses based around everything from food to biodiesel.

Teaching To The Test

The controversy surrounding No Child Left Behind and standardized testing may only be proving to be more and more inefficient. The new infographic by Best Masters in Education shows us where we are putting undo pressure and where we are no longer focusing.

The 12 Most Common U.S. Grasses

This Infographic from grass-types.com provides a visual for the 12 most common grass types in the United States. It goes on to show how much water each type needs, what temperatures they survive in, what is their growing rate, mowing height, and price per pound.

The Future of Marketing: Blogging and Social Media

This Infographic from Credit Loan provides information for social media and blogging as a tool for small business, including statistical data on how many businesses in the U.S use social media and marketing to promote their business, how the rate is going to grow and what social media sites business are predominantly using.

The Importance of Local Listings

This Infographic provides statistical data for consumer use of local sites such as Yelp, Google Places and Yahoo Local to show the importance for small businesses to utilize these sites to help them grow.

Could a Monkey Do Your Job?

You could be competing against an ape or monkey for your next job. True of false? This Infographic by Online Schools looks at how the job market is shifting, and what the future of the market might look like.

40 Facts About Fitness

In this Infographic, discover some of the interesting facts about human body and health that you probably never knew. Knowing these should give you yet another reason to love your body and take care of your health.