Basketball Marketing Madness: How Brands Capitalize On Sports Fans

This coming year the NCAA® is celebrating the tournament’s 80th anniversary. How did the NCAA basketball tournament become the premier marketing opportunity for business? 

History of Nursing – Influential American Nursing Pioneers

This infographic walks you through 7 influential american nursing pioneers and discusses their legacy and accomplishments. It also discusses nursing in the past and present.

How to Disappear From the Internet Completely

Do you long for days gone by, when our lives were led in the real world rather than online? Or possibly you’re unhappy with the way social media makes you feel. Maybe it’s time for you to disappear from the internet. Completely.

Make Your Nursing Resume Work For You

In the next ten years, the nursing industry is projected to grow by 15 percent. As more and more candidates enter this field, it’s crucial to build a resume that puts you ahead of the competition. 

Famous American Montessori Alumni

This infographic visually covers 8 well-known Montessori alumni, spreading awareness about successful Montessori education, as well as explaining Montessori and what it celebrates.

Taking Care Of Your Mattress

We spend a third of our lives asleep, therefore a good mattress is truly essential not only for our comfort but also our well-being. Be sure to take care of yours in the right way and check out this infographic which features some tips on taking care of your mattress.

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Famous American Montessori Alumni

This infographic by Campbellsville University visually covers 8 well-known Montessori alumni, spreading awareness about successful Montessori education, as well as explaining Montessori and what it celebrates. Montessori is thought to foster creativity and independence, and these famous alumni are living proof of that.

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How Much 25 Major Cities Make in Parking Ticket Revenue Per Capita

The revenue that cities earn from parking tickets is meant to fund transportation projects and fix crumbling infrastructure. But with some cities in the United States starting to privatize their parking meters, will that revenue continue to benefit the public? This infographic ranks 25 major U.S. cities on their parking ticket revenue per capita.

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The Basics of Dental Care

Oral health  is crucial to be healthy, which is why visiting a dentist on a regular basis is very important. This helps prevent cavities, gum disease, and oral cancer. Brushing your teeth twice a day, flossing once a day, and cleaning your tongue regularly are all important steps for maintaining good oral health. For more tips on how to maintain proper dental care, check out this infographic.

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A Small Business Guide to Advertising on Instagram

As more and more brands join Instagram and the feed becomes more competitive, it can be harder for a small business to stand out. This is why Instagram ads have become an enticing avenue for businesses looking to increase engagement (and profits, too). To help SMBs compete, Headway Capital has put together the following guide to advertising on Instagram.

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What To Do if You Found a Baby Raccoon

Raccoons, like most mammals, are excellent mothers. Baby raccoons are dependent on their mother for up to nine months, after which they will go their way. After about 12 weeks of nursing, the baby raccoons are finally old enough to follow their mother out of their nesting area. During this time, they will learn from their mother how to forage for food, and where to look. 

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Dark, Milk or White: Is Chocolate Good for Health?

Ahh, the rich flavor of chocolate. It comes from the “flavonoids” in cocoa beans which are also the reason that chocolate is so healthy for your heart. Flavonoids are antioxidants that fight cell-damaging free radicals in your body. In the following infographic, Pulse Plus Pharmacy looks at the benefits of various types of chocolate.

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The Twitter Algorithm: Make it Work for Your Business

A basic understanding of Twitter algorithms can be the key towards success. If you are stuck in the dark phase where your own social media strategy is not working for you, then following this Twitter’s algorithm guide can help you optimize your brand’s tweets for more organic growth and better results.

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A Moving Timeline for a Successful Move

Moving is stressful, and often people don’t even know where to begin. It is important to establish a checklist and prioritize the list based on urgency. Then you can create a timeline that will help you know what to do by when. Good Guys Moving & Delivery has created a moving timeline for a successful move and compiled it into the following infographic.

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The Future of CRM in 2019: Stats & Trends

CRM plays a vital role in any company’s success. If you treat your customers well and understand their pain points quickly, there is no doubt in building a long-lasting relationship with them. Companies and brands use various CRM tools for this purpose. The following infographic looks at where these CRM tools stand in the future.

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