Is Domestic Violence a Bigger Problem Than We Realize?

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and this year it has been filled with reports of incidents involving important figures in sports, government, and more. This media attention has placed a much-needed spotlight on this incredibly important cause – one that as a social worker you must be trained to handle. See the startling statistics on domestic violence in the following infographic .

Is Augmented Reality The Next Marketing “Killer-App”?

Augmented reality is a digital technology that overlays text, images or video over physical objects. AR provides a way to bridge the gap between the physical and digital experience, empowering brands to better engage with their customers and drive real business results in the process. With meteoric growth and the convergence of social, mobile & context, AR just might be the next marketing “killer-app”.

Best Practices for Shorter Tweets

Marketing experts are constantly on the search for engaging, attention-grabbing tweets. However, stuffing a full marketing message into 140 characters or less can be a huge challenge-especially when you have a lot to say! Pardot has created an infographic entitled “Best Practices for Shorter Tweets” giving you tips to making the most out of those short but sweet tweets.

Google + 2012: This Is Only the Beginning

Google+ is celebrating the end of its first full calendar year as a social network and has published the following infographic that displays highlights and milestones achieved in 2012. Kind of ironic that what appears to be a growing social network ended up on this dead pool list a few days ago.

ROI – Return on Infographics

The following is a very interesting case study Bit Rebels conducted into the ROI (return on investment) for infographics. No doubt, we’ve seen a major increase in infographics over the last year or so. And that increase is either because people are getting more lazy about creating good content (although a lot of work goes into a good infographic) or they are simply great marketing tools. What do you think?

The Global VoIP Revolution

Realizing the importance of social and digital media in catalyzing brand equity and market penetration, here is an infographic that deals with different phases of the VoIP industry, and how they have evolved over the years. Starting with a historic timeline, we highlight the current state of mobile subscriber bases across core regions of the world, finishing at what the future holds for VoIP.

Grab a Slice of Freemium Pie

The following infographic illustrates the parallels between the Freemium Business Model (used by Skype, Dropbox and of course HootSuite) and baking a pie. The infographic offers step by step instructions on how to incorporate all the key ingredients for freemium success.

Google+ vs. Facebook: A Guide to Brand Pages

Let’s face the facts: at this point, Google+ is no Facebook, but that doesn’t mean you should dismiss it as a marketing tool. While Google+ doesn’t have (and may never have) the numbers that Facebook has in terms of users and engagement, the type of engagement that occurs in the Google+ setting may actually make it a choice outlet for your marketing messages.