Many people misunderstand rosé wines because of their cost. These less expensive wines are easy to dismiss as inferior, but that is simply not true. Just as much thought goes into crafting the complex flavors offered by this style as any white or red varieties. A wine enthusiast should know what this style is and what it isn’t.

Unlike red and white wines, rosé wines are created by allowing the grapes to soak with their skins still attached. It is this quality that gives these wines their color and flavor. Rosé wines are not a blend of whites and reds, and they are not cheaper imitations of more valuable wines. They are fast to make and offer a medium flavor that pairs well with most meals. This makes them popular for events year round.

To find out more about rosé and how you can enhance your enjoyment of this wine, check out the following infographic from ONEHOPE Wine.

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Rosé 101: Everything You Need To Know About This Delicious Wine

David Wallace

David Wallace

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