Marijuana legislation is changing rapidly. Additionally, public opinion about marijuana is undergoing dramatic changes. The Pew Research Center reports that in the last two decades, public opinion has shifted from 31 percent of the U.S. thinking that marijuana should be legalized to 61 percent as of the latest 2017 poll.

Amidst this rapidly changing judicial environment, there might, at times, be a conflict between state, federal, and local laws. But the marijuana industry is seeing a groundswell with 2018 retail sales forecast at $14.5 billion. To put that into context, $10.6 billion is the 2018 forecast for cash receipts that farms will receive from all grains, including rice and wheat.

Want a snapshot about each state’s marijuana policy? PeopleFinders have rounded up the current laws in the infographic below.

The 411 on 420: Is Marijuana Legal in Your State?

David Wallace

David Wallace

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