Sports cars require both speed and style to make its mark in the high-end automotive industry. Carbon fiber is a cutting-edge composite material that can help with that goal. It is 10 times stronger and five times lighter than steel making it perfect to integrate with the parts of sports cars. This infographic from Carbon Fiber Gear sheds light on how carbon fiber can be used with today’s luxury vehicles.

From aerospace to military sectors, carbon fiber has found its way in different industries. Because of its qualities, it is not a surprise that it is being sought after by car manufacturers as well. Its strength and light weight have proved itself useful when it comes to improving driving dynamics. This infographic shows which parts of a vehicle can be made of carbon fiber to benefit it. It also shows modern high-end cars that currently use the material. Sports car enthusiasts and carbon fiber aficionados can learn about this impressive material through this visual guide. 

The Auto Enthusiast's Guide to Carbon Fiber

David Wallace

David Wallace

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