Foodies rejoice. Eating well in the UK doesn’t always have to cost an arm and a leg. The travel by train experts at The Trainline created this extensive list of British restaurants that are all Michelin Star Rated for the UK local or the traveling foodie.

The restaurants are grouped by course size. Each is a minimum of two courses, but they go up to a 14 course meal (hope you brought your appetite). Each group is then arranged by price with the most affordable at the top of the group, increasing to the more luxurious edible options – that 14 course meal will set you back £180 ($282). Stars are awarded based on the Michelin guide from – One Star: very good cuisine; Two Star: excellent cuisine, worth a detour; Three Star: exceptional cuisine, worth a special journey

The good news here is there are tons of choices from £15 up to £20 ($23-$31) for two and three course meals at the best British restaurants. I traveled to London back in January, and this list would have come in handy. Those who are lucky enough to be traveling to the UK for the London games might want to make their foodie wish list using this guide from

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The Best British Restaurants For Less Than You Think



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