Gemstones are found in countries all around the globe, although some parts of the world are much more abundant in these precious stones than others.

Which countries have become the biggest sources of gemstones and diamonds? To answer this, the team at BriteCo created a world map that highlights the top-producing country for more than 30 different gemstones.

The map was created using data from the United States Geological Survey (USGS)’s Mineral Yearbook 2020, which tracks the amounts of different types of gemstones, diamonds, and other minerals that countries around the world produce each year. The team looked at countries’ production of each type of gemstone in kilograms from 2016 to 2020 to determine each material’s top producer.

Several gemstones also include a secondary country on the map to acknowledge nations that may not be the top-producing country but still contribute a significant amount of the gemstone to the global supply. Explore the world map and gemstones chart below to see which countries are the biggest producers of 35 of the most dazzling and sought-after gemstones on the market.

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The Countries That Produce the Most of Each Type of Gemstone

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