One of the most heated debates in the wine industry is on which is the best closure type. The two biggest contenders are the natural cork and the screw cap. Each side has their loyal following, and while the screw cap is the closure-type of choice in Australia and New Zealand, the natural cork remains a favorite in the US.

In order to find out more on this discussion, Wine Turtle surveyed 114 wine buyers in the US to determine where this preference on the natural cork comes from, and what drives the adversity to the screw cap. It turns out it’s primarily driven by 6 myths that are associated with screw cap wines. They decided to dig a little deeper to either bust or confirm these myths by looking at research and factual data. The results are displayed in the infographic below.

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The Final End of the Cork vs Screw Cap Debate?

Irma Wallace

Irma Wallace

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