There are many techniques and approaches to the whiteboard style of animation. Sometimes a camera is used to capture the hand drawing. Then in post-production, the video is sped up to sync with the audio. The drawback to this approach is that if a mistake is made, then the process has to begin again from scratch. To avoid this, sometimes the image is drawn exactly as desired, and a used-up empty marker erases the lines. When the video is played backwards, this gives the impression of a pen making drawings from scratch.

While there are pros and cons to each approach, there is a solution for anyone interested in creating a whiteboard video. Whiteboard is exceptional at explaining conceptual material to audiences.  There are even options that require little to no budget or drawing/artistic abilities. The right fit for your project can easily be found by researching the various softwares mentioned in this infographic by IdeaRocket.

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Toongraphic on Whiteboard Animation



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