With Ben Bernanke’s tenure as Chairman of the Federal Reserve coming to a close and a new chairman being selected, it’s helpful to take time to review the impact Bernanke has had on our nation’s economy. Many have praised Bernanke for work he has done as chairman. When looking for supporting evidence of his success as chairman, some point to the fact that he helped to slow the collapse of the financial system in 2008. Others point to the fact that during a period that lasted from September 2007 to December 2008, he lowered the Feds Fund rate 10 times, from 5.25% to 0%.

Bernanke has also had what many consider to be his fair share of failures. Some, for example, refer to him as “Helicopter Ben” for injecting unreported trillions into the economy, which may be responsible for triggering inflation, and increasing the debt. So what’s in store for the Federal Reserve once Bernanke steps down? Timothy Sykes has a look in the following infographic.

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What Is Next For The Federal Reserve?


David Wallace

David Wallace

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