A variety of drinks, foods, and habits can lead to stained teeth over time. The main culprits that cause tooth discoloration are drinks like coffee, tea, and red wine; smoking cigarettes can also lead to teeth turning brown.

The research team at Imagix Dental created a Discolored Teeth Index that ranks the 50 states and major U.S. cities on the likelihood of the people there having discolored teeth based on their consumption of drinks that stain teeth and the likelihood of having smoking stains on teeth from cigarettes.

This index isn’t trying to find which states have the worst and best dental care; those studies have already been done. It determines where American people are most likely to have stained and discolored teeth, no matter their dental habits. Even teeth that are considered to be healthy can be discolored due to a greater predominance of habits that cause teeth stains.

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Where in the U.S. Are People Most Likely to Have Discolored Teeth?

Irma Wallace

Irma Wallace

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