Drug abuse can cause irreparable harm on one’s body, a well-known fact supported by thorough research. What often goes overlooked is how drug addiction can impact one’s ability in the workplace, in addition to how it can negatively impact their co-workers.

In the United States each year, 500 million workdays are lost due to substance abuse. These are hours that are often made up by other workers. Compensating for other’s poor work performance can be tough for many employees to swallow, especially when it’s the cause of a co-worker’s addiction, which often has the misconception of being easily treated.

Just as alarming, the industries where workers are most prone to substance abuse are mining, wholesale, construction, and manufacturing; these are all industries highly reliant on collaboration for effective results. With a lack of effective collaboration and an unfair distribution of tasks caused by substance abuse in the workplace, about $134 billion has been spent in the U.S. due to lost productivity.

Learn more about which jobs are most likely to lead to substance abuse in this infographic.

Which Jobs Lead to Substance Abuse?

David Wallace

David Wallace

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