A sudden dip of the prices of digital imaging solutions occurred possibly because of the innovations that makes their production much more cost-efficient. This is evident in CMOS or Complementary Metal-Oxide Superconductor image sensors that are very popular in the market because they are  cheaper than the CCD or Charge-Coupled Device image sensors that were predominant before.

Compared to the CCD which used a specific manufacturing process to enable it to transport charges without distortion resulting in a high-quality sensor, the CMOS uses a more traditional one similar to the production of microprocessors. The differences in production meant differences in the quality of images and videos captured by the sensors. The current CMOS image sensors also allow for higher frame rates which would enable cameras with CMOS sensors to capture higher quality images and videos that, when combined with the improved light sensitivity, don’t sacrifice the quality of the output commonly seen on older cameras.

For more details on why CMOS image sensors are better than CCD sensors, check out Omnivision’s infographic below.

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Why Automotive CMOS Sensors Are Better Than CCD Sensors

David Wallace

David Wallace

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