Servers in America have traditionally received a large portion of their income from tipping. While this has helped to motivate a lot of people to join the service industry, it has also alienated those who do not want to put themselves in a situation where they might be forced to degrade their morals in exchange for tips. Recently some restaurants (like Joe’s Crab Shack) have chosen to forgo the practice of tipping in their restaurants all together. While tipping does have its faults, is getting rid of it really better for diners and servers?

In this infographic, Menu Shoppe will try and convince you that tipping is better for everyone.

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Why Tipping is Better for Diners and Servers

David Wallace

David Wallace

David Wallace is a search & social media marketer who lives in Ahwatukee Arizona with his lovely wife. Interests & hobbies include all things Disney, roller coasters, musicianship and Christianity.

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