Wine Storage 101: A Guide to Keeping Wine at Home

Have you become more serious about collecting wine and are interested in learning how to store wine so that it ages properly and maintains its flavor? This guide is the perfect place to get started on your journey to becoming a wine connoisseur where you’ll learn about the different factors that can affect wine storage, including temperature, humidity, light, vibrations, and more.

A Beginner’s 10 Rules of Thumb for Pairing Food and Wine

Wine has several benefits it can grant you when taken in moderation. Apart from improving the quality of your meals and enhancing their flavors, it can also give health benefits. Check out the following infographic for more information on the basic rules of pairing wine and food in everyday situations or special occasions.

Guide to Sparkling Wine

Navigating the wine aisle can be a bit daunting and this guide courtesy of breaks down the most popular types of sparkling wine from the region they originated in to the best glasses to serve them in! We even include the various dryness levels and a few serving tips.

Wine Drinker’s Guide: Temperatures for Serving

Wine can be served at a wide range of temperatures, which are based on exactly what kind of wine it is. You can do some taste testing on your own if you’ve never tried red wine that was way too cold or white wine that should have been served chilled but wasn’t. It throws the balance of the flavor way off and takes something important away from the whole experience.

Why Argentina is the Ultimate Destination for Wine Lovers

If you’ve been thinking of planning a dream getaway wine tour, there is no doubt that Argentina should be at the top of your list. Argentina is home to a extensive range of superb Cabernet Sauvignons, Pinot Noirs, and unique Torrentés and Bonardas. Their crown jewel however, remains their lush Malbecs. Check out this gifographic to see more reasons why Argentina is the ultimate destination for wine lovers.

A Wine Guide for Christmas

Christmas is full of flavors. It’s an explosion on our taste buds. We suffer from food and drink hangovers, we stumble groggily through a haze of glitter towards New Year, realizing that if we never see another glass of Buck’s Fizz or turkey sandwich again we’d be perfectly happy. However, there’s no reason overindulging must get the better of you this Christmas.