Identifying Swine Flu

This infographic goes over all the necessary details required for you to protect yourself from the Swine Flu pandemic. Even though H1N1 symptoms look a lot like regular flu symptoms, you need to be extra cautious to lower the risk of Swine Flu.

Which Countries Wine Down The Most?

Wine drinking isn’t a contest, at least not a close one. In fact, wine has been a dietary staple since the beginning of recorded human history. It may not surprise you to learn that Italy, France, and Spain produce the most wine in the world, but did you know that Vatican City is the greatest consumer per capita? Check out this infographic from the folks for facts and stats about who drinks the most wine.

A Bottle of Red, A Bottle of White: Europe’s Wine Regions

Once you’ve made it to Southern Europe you’ll find that there is an incredible variety of wines produced in a wide variety of wine regions. You may be overwhelmed but fear not. This infographic has a list of wine grapes from Europe’s most famous wine regions and the flavor characteristics they lend to the wines produced there. If you’re going to travel to this mecca of wine, you might as well have a better idea of what you’re looking for.

A Taste of French Wine, One Port At a Time

France, a country that exudes passion and romance, accompanies these qualities with a yearning love of wine. The intricacies of the high-quality wines differs from place to place, and there’s no better way to enjoy the flavors of France than with a blissful river cruise. In this infographic, Cruiseabout explores a taste of French wine, one port at a time.

Wine 101: Fun Facts to Impress Your Friends

This infographic features interesting wine facts and little-known statistics that will definitely get the conversation started at your next party. For instance, did you know that there are 10,000 varieties of wine grapes worldwide? Also, the average age of a French Oak Tree harvested for use in creating wine barrels is 170 years old?

Wine 101: A Girl’s Guide to Wine

It’s a Friday night or a Tuesday night. Work is over and now what do you do? Grab a glass of wine of course! For the girls in the room…wine is all about staying classy, fun, and healthy. Check out this infographic that is geared towards the basics of wine.

Wine Pairing: Looking for the Perfect Wine Match

There’s something comforting about a good bottle of wine. It always seems to be the go-to option for a girl’s night in with friends or a romantic dinner for two. Whatever the case may be, knowing how to pick the right wine to complement your meal can make all the difference. Why? Because when you pair the right wine with the right foods, you’re doing much more than merely enhancing the taste; you’re transforming your entire dining experience