Curious Pub Facts

This infographic by Daltons Business points out a few things that you may not have previously known about some public houses around the UK, and is packed with all sorts of insightful figures and facts. For instance, did you know that for every ten drinks that are consumed in a pub, one of them will almost certainly be a glass of wine? And that there are over 750 Red Lion pubs dotted up and down throughout the UK? There is all this and much more for you to look at and discover.

Top Ten Reasons Not to Rent a Tuxedo

Spilled drinks and smelly feet and cigar ash, oh my! When you rent a tuxedo, can you be 100% sure what it was doing the week, or even the night previous? Was it the victim of a rip during a dance debacle? Did it have wine thrown on it during a case of wandering eyes? Why take the risk of renting formal wear for men secondhand when you can own a tuxedo for the same price of renting, if not cheaper? Check out this infographic for more possible scenarios!

What The U.K .Gets Up To At Christmas

Did you know that only just over half of the UK will be having Turkey for Christmas dinner? This Christmas themed infographic enlightens us all on all manner of food, drink and gift related things including just how much beer and wine is consumed in the UK over the holiday period.

The Case for Beer

Beer – one of the oldest beverages produced by humans. In fact records dating back to 2050 B.C. show evidence of the beer trade and brew recipes. And while beer doesn’t often get much credit for being a beneficial beverage, the evidence is starting to reveal that beer is just as heart-healthy as wine.

Titanic By the Numbers

Did you know that Titanic burned more than 650 tons of coal every day, and that it cost $167 million in today’s money to build the ship? How about the fact the she set sail with over 16,000 bottles of wine and liquor? Get these facts and more on one of history’s most infamous maritime disasters with Titanic By the Numbers.

Valentine’s Day By the Numbers

Are you among the 62% of adults who say they celebrate Valentine’s Day? Discover the history of the most romantic day of the year, and find out just how much sparkling wine, chocolate and candy Americans purchase in its honor within this infographic from