14 Common Coronavirus Myths Busted

As the Coronavirus epidemic continues to spread globally, social media posts and news articles concerning the outbreak are also surfacing. While everyone wants and needs to stay updated and informed about any progress made in curbing the disease, most of the people, unfortunately, fall prey to and rely on misleading or inaccurate information. They tend to believe in every piece of information that is thrown at them.

Not All Doom & Gloom: Coronavirus Business Success Stories

The COVID-19 outbreak has changed the world. It’s torn though country after country, leaving devastation in its wake. While nobody is suggesting that Coronavirus is a good thing, there are some positives to creep their way through the darkness. As economics struggle, a few businesses are seeing unparalleled growth and development. In this infographic, Mint Formations highlights some business success stories of Coronavirus.

Coronavirus Outbreak: Your Most Asked Questions Answered

The Novel Coronavirus has affected the whole world and as such, has been declared a global pandemic. LogoDesignGuru.com have created the following infographic to create awareness among the masses and also to allow you to know more about this deadly virus during the lockdown. It traces the origin of Covid-19, spread, prevention and possible treatments.

Sanitizing Your House and Car During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, many localities around the world are locked down, keeping millions and millions of people indoors. Whether it is about social distancing or healthy cleaning habits, Coronavirus has forced each of us to change our lifestyle. Washing hands and sanitizing the surfaces have become a part of our daily routine. The following infographic showcases the tips on how to sanitize your house and car during the Coronavirus outbreak.

A Guide to Coronavirus in the UK

Here is an infographic by the team at VizionOnline in London that is packed with information about the Coronavirus disease in the United Kingdom. It features the overall UK stats, total confirmed cases, confirmed cases by day, the top 20 worst hit areas in the UK and the main symptoms of Coronavirus from China along with advice from the NHS.

Fighting Coronavirus Disease: Take Precautions But Don’t Panic

On December 29, 2019, Chinese health authorities noticed an unusual cluster of pneumonia cases in the city of Wuhan, China, all linked to a new strain of the Coronavirus. By January 23, 2020, the sharp spike in number of cases in the Wuhan region prompted the Chinese government to announce a complete lock-down. This infographic looks at ways to fight the Coronavirus disease.

Remote Work in the Coronavirus Economy

Thanks to the rapid spread of COVID-19 people have started working remotely out of necessity, as more states order shelter-in-place protocols to fight the spread. With over 4 million plus people working from home, the Internet is allowing many of us to continue business as usual, with a few modifications. Check out the following infographic for a deep dive on the challenges, tech tips, and productivity of the new remote work economy.

Coronavirus Etiquette – Top 10 Handshake Alternatives

Love this short animated video from our friends at Avalaunch Media related to the greeting practice of handshaking amidst this current Coronavirus pandemic hitting the planet. It’s premise is that the handshake is a thing of the past, especially during flu season. It’s all about the bro nod, or the foot touch, or even the hat tip. The possibilities are endless! 

Coronavirus – The New Global Threat

We are all hearing about this “Coronavirus” and you may even be concerned about it with regards to your own health. But what is it? Coronaviruses are a family of viruses known for containing strains that cause potentially deadly diseases in mammals and birds. Visualbest has created an infographic that tells you everything about Coronaviruses.