Is Working From Home The New Normal?

Here is an infographic that shows the background, benefits and advice related to the surge in working from home. For many people, shifting to the home office has been the only available option, but for those ready to adjust it could be a blessing in disguise. It offers the individual more freedom and flexibility, employees working from home are more productive, and it can save time and money for everyone involved.

How Will Today’s Search Impact Your Financial Future?

The Coronavirus pandemic has thrusted people into looking into their finances and changing how they spend their money. Money Crashers recently released a study that shares what financial questions Americans are searching during the pandemic. Their findings can be found in the following infographic which looks at how searches during the pandemic will change the financial future of Americans.

Giving in a Global Pandemic

With so many out of work, nonprofits are preparing for a surge in demand for food, assistance, and other services. explains how congregations can accept donations digitally. How has COVID-19 impacted your church?

Covid-19 Email Marketing US Consumer Sentiment Survey

emailexpert recently ran a US consumer sentiment surveys around the general feeling towards email marketing in the current Covid-19 climate. “Do you feel brands have sent you too many Coronavirus/Covid-19 related emails?” was the questions posed . The first results came back from the US. The survey has shown a clear divide in how email marketing efforts during the crisis have been perceived differently not just by the sexes but by age as well.

How to Sew a Face Mask at Home

Prevention of Coronavirus disease includes regular hand washing, the use of an antiseptic, and the wearing of a medical mask. Of course, you can buy a medical mask at a pharmacy. But the demand for these products is extremely high, so consumers are constantly complaining about the high price or lack of goods in stock. There is another solution: make a mask yourself, Learn how to sew a face mask using the simple lessons laid out in the following visual.

History’s Deadliest Viruses Illustrated to Scale

How does the Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 compare to the deadliest viruses our world has ever had to face?  This infographic illustrates 24 of these deadly diseases to scale, including a chart that compares the mortality rate, death toll, mode of transmission, and more for these viruses that have wreaked so much havoc on our world.