Looking Back at the 20 Biggest Trends of 2020

We think it’s fair to say 2020 was a strange year. The world was introduced to the bizarre and intriguing cast of Tiger King. Tye Dye made a major comeback. Video games Fall Guys and Among Us came out of nowhere. And of course the everlasting Coronavirus pandemic continued on. With the year finally in the rear view window, ACE Cash Express’ team looks back fondly at some of the most popular search trends of 2020.

Cybersecurity For The Post-Covid Economy

In the near future, we could see cyberpandemics that spread faster and further than a biological virus, with an equal or greater impact. Will the next pandemic be digital? Find out what Data Connectors has to say on the matter in the following infographic.

COVID-19 & Financial Stress

In this infographic, Selectra explores data on job loss and redundancies due to the COVID Pandemic. It details the effects of financial stress on mental health and steps to take to alleviate financial stress. Additionally, you’ll discover free resources to find help during these challenging times.

50 Work From Home Jobs With $60K+ Salaries

The Coronavirus outbreak has wrecked havoc the U.S. job market. Since President Donald Trump declared this global pandemic a national emergency in mid-March, over 30 million people have filed for jobless benefits for the first time. For those that are working from home, many are still struggling with the concept and find it a huge change that will require some effort to master.

Preparing Your E-Commerce Business for the 2020 Holidays

The recent Coronavirus pandemic has propelled eCommerce business owners to achieve record-breaking sales. With the continued demands and to keep up with the holidays, merchants must start managing their inventories now. For the 2020 holiday shopping season, PinnacleCart has created an infographic that will help you prepare your eCommerce store for this unprecedented holiday sales season.

How Did Education Change During the Pandemic?

Almost monthly, UNESCO, in particular the Bureau of Education, publishes reports on the threats to the education sector through the coronavirus. One of the statements said that due to the disrupted educational process for millions of pupils and students, the world is threatened with degradation, as the level of education of the population will significantly decrease. The following infographic explores how education changed during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Face Mask Report Card

Many are getting creative with the face masks they create or purchase during these times, but are they all effective? The following infographic from Sock It To Me Blog details some of the different types of face masks you’re likely to come across. You’ll gain insight into what types of masks are most likely to protect you, your friends, and your family when going out in public.