How To Identify Influencers in Social Media

There are influential people in just about every industry. However, because they are generally not household names, you will need to search to find who these people are. They are often relatively easy to find, as they have hundreds of thousands, often millions, of followers on a particular social media platform.

Keyboard Shortcuts Every Social Media Marketer Should Know

Keyboard shortcuts are perhaps the least important thing a Social Media Marketer is concerned about. But did you know that by mastering keyboard shortcuts commonly missed out on social media platforms, you can save up to 60 hours per year? Here is an infographic summing up the most useful and important keyboard shortcuts for various browsers and social media sites.

3 Things Every CEO Should Do to Succeed on Social Media

Social networks have become central to the lives of many consumers, yet many chief executives aren’t engaging with them deeply. A recent study of Fortune 500 CEOs found that 61% have no public-facing social media presence. Moreover, of those leaders who are present, 70% have accounts on only one network. This is a major missed opportunity and it’s high time for CEOs to dive into social media fully.

The Complete Social Media Reference Guide Summer 2016

With so many social media networks today and each one constantly changing, keeping track of your company profiles across all these channels can be challenging. Everything in a specific social channel is likely to change, sometimes frequently. That’s why Arcalea has put together this social media reference guide for summer 2016.

Social Media Marketing: Great for Business

Social Media Marketing is the new advertising for most businesses. Advertising can be done in an instant and pushed out over social media platforms during the peak user times so the ad’s get seen. Users will “like” pages and “follow” a business based on their own buying habits and will see the posts and respond to them. This is a huge factor in increasing foot traffic and sales into your business.

2016 Social Media Image Sizes Cheat Sheet

Building your brand name is one of the essential things you need to get in line if you want to gain credibility and leadership within your industry. Visual assets are core to how brand story is presented, so getting the right image might be crucial for your brand on social media. In the following infographic, see important image sizes for your business social profiles and pages you should always keep in mind when presenting your service on social networks.

How NOT To Do Social Media Automation

When you begin to sound like a robot on platforms meant to be social, it doesn’t take your followers long to take notice. The negative impact can be very harmful to your brand. So, how to avoid social media automation mistakes? By including a human touch on these varied platforms.

Buccaneer’s Business Guide to Social Media on Pinterest

When it comes to Pinterest, a lot of companies struggle to resonate with users. And, when you consider that there are 70 million active users on Pinterest, this is not a social network to be ignored. Marketing and analytics solution provider, Piqora, claimed its customers experienced a 67% increase in e-commerce revenue from Pinterest referral traffic when compared to other social networks – so Pinterest can be a great platform for those who know how to use it.

Why Use StumbleUpon: The Social Media Underdog

What else can you do get social media traffic or attention? You can use StumbleUpon where the competition is not as fierce. StumbleUpon is the 4th largest social media traffic driver. Unlike Twitter and Facebook, StumbleUpon delivers traffic to your door step – there is no fighting for top spot or hoping for clicks.