The Importance of Social Media for Travel Brands

We all dream about taking vacations and traveling to our favorite destinations. Making these dreams a reality is easier said than done. This infographic entrails not only the importance of social media in travel but how you can leverage social media to influence travelers.

Email Engagement vs Social Media

Devesh Design looked into stats complied by reliable sources like McKinsey & Company and Word Stream, to compare engagement between email marketing and social media. It turns out email absolutely dominates Twitter and Facebook. Explore this idea further in the following infographic.

How Social Media Photos Affect Your Job Search

This infographic shows you how to smile, style, and position yourself to make the best impression on future employers. It’s all data-backed information – no guesswork necessary. Simply show your photographer the top ranking photos and ask him/her to shoot you exactly the same way.

How B2B Businesses Are Tackling Social Media In 2015

It’s getting increasingly difficult to compete if you are a B2B business. As a B2B business, you cannot take your target customers for granted. You must remember they have a vast array of options to choose from and your business is not the only one offering the product and services they are looking for. What you need to do is make sure your business shouts the loudest and is seen and heard more than its competitors. This is where social media enters the picture.

Integrate Email Campaigns and Social Media Presence

What’s the best way to seamlessly integrate email marketing and multiple social media platforms? Getting each side to support and benefit from the other should always be a priority. You want to make it easy, tempting and worthwhile for your fans to cross over from one side to another, with traffic going both ways.

An Essential Cheat Sheet For Social Media Image Dimensions

If you are planning to conduct a business, or run your personal page on any popular social network – you have to abide by few rules. Images provide a clear concept of what a social media page or account is about – and these networking sites are imposing new rules and resolutions for all sorts of photos. The following infographic presents a most thorough cheat sheet that holds most upgraded image dimension for major social platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+, and Instagram.

How Social Are Celebrities on Social Media

Social media has grown rapidly in the last decade and has changed the way people connect socially bringing people together from all corners of the globe who share the same interests, activities and views. It’s created endless platforms for aspiring singers, actors and writers who have the chance to get their voice heard. In this infographic learn how social celebrities actually are on social media.

Sensible Social Media Checklist for Businesses v3.0

The Whole Brain Group’s previous infographic, The Sensible Social Media Checklist for Businesses v2.0, was such a huge hit that they expanded and updated it to include more social media channels and a smarter strategy. Version 3.0 includes SlideShare and best practices for targeting the right audience.